CryoTrack 2D, 1.5ml extrenal thread tube


Excellent quality makes excellent banking possible.

The quality of core consumables is critical to supporting high productivity and sustainability in biobanking. CryoTrack 2D is a 100% Japanese-made storage tube that offers superiority, functionality, and quality unmatched by other brands.

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  • By using an external cap, there is less risk of touching the threaded part when removing the cap, which helps prevent contamination.
  • Compared to an internal cap of the same capacity, it saves storage space by 33% and increases the internal capacity by 14%.
  • A 2D barcode (DataMatrix ECC200) is engraved on the bottom of the tube for individual identification.
  • A 1D barcode and alphanumeric code are also engraved on the side of the tube.
  • The tube rack is engraved with a 2D barcode on the bottom and a 1D barcode on the side for identification.
  • By linking with a 2D barcode reader and rack scanner, you can manage large amounts of samples more easily.
  • You can choose from cap colors (white, red, yellow, orange, light blue, green) (please contact us for details).
    Note: The standard color of the cap is deep blue.

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