cobaco S, Whole rack 2D scanner

Optimal for high-speed identification and management of specimens using 2D tubes. cobaco S is 2D barcode scanner for SBS standard tube rack that is reasonably priced and ideal for sample management. Equipped with a high-resolution CMOS camera, the 2D barcode symbol on the bottom of the tube can be read at high speed on a rack-by-rack basis and the barcode and position information can be converted into data.

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  • The footprint is the smallest in the market at W100 x D150mm.
  • Fast camera scanning. Complete rack-by-rack identification in just seconds. Compatible with most brands of tubes on the market.
  • The distance between the camera and the bottom of the rack is far enough to prevent condensation from frozen samples.
  • Simply connect to your PC using USB 2.0. No driver software required.
  • Identification results can be exported in CSV format.
  • The rack ID barcode on the bottom of the tube rack can also be read at the same time while scanning.
  • The automatic orientation function that determines the orientation of the rack from the rack bottom ID prevents human error.
  • The one-dimensional barcode on the side of the rack can be identified at the same time using an optional reader (ET-CB1D).
  • There are no driving parts such as motors, so maintenance is free.
  • Collaboration with external software and host systems is also available as standard.


Compatible containersSBS standard rack(85.3 x 127.6 mm)
Camera16MP CMOS
ResolutionMax. 4656 x 3496 pixel
Barcode symbolDataMatrix ECC200
Compatible format24/48/96/384
Process time2 to 4 sec (Depends on number of 2D symbols)
SoftwareWindows 8/10/11
External controlCommand Line Switch
InterfaceUSB2.0 type-B
DimensionW100 x D150 x H128 mm
Weight800 g

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