cobaco R, whole rack RFID reader

Scan everything in just a few seconds without leaving the box. Samples stored in ultra-low temperature environments using RFID tags need to be read quickly and reliably all at once. cobaco R is an RFID reader that can identify samples in freeze boxes up to 135 x 135 mm in size.

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  • With a USB connection, reading results can be output as a CSV file using dedicated software.
  • Easy to link with sample management software, LIMS, etc.
  • Identifies all RFID-tagged samples stored in a 196c environment in just seconds. There is no need to remove the sample of interest from the freeze box.
  • Compatible with standard 10 x 10/9 x 9 freeze boxes, and any containers smaller than 135 x 135 mm (excluding metal boxes).
  • Compatible with RFID tags compliant with UHF band (860-930MHz) EPC global Class 1 Gen2 / ISO 18000-63.
  • The equipment is encased in an insulating case and can be placed in a freeze box stored at liquid nitrogen temperatures.

Note: The identification performance and speed of RFID tags vary depending on the type and characteristics of the RFID tag used. Please contact us for more information.


Applicable standardsUHF band (860-930MHz) EPC global Class 1 Gen2 / ISO 18000-63
Compatible containerW135 x D135mm
Output power1W x 4
DimensionW208 x D205 x H117 mm
Weight5 kg

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