CryoTrack, RFID embeded label

Fast identification RFID label that can be used at liquid nitrogen temperatures. RFID is an excellent technology that allows for non-contact sample identification, but there are many hurdles in terms of operation and usability. We embedded a thin layer RFID tag between identification labels compatible with liquid nitrogen temperature, making contactless identification possible while maintaining the same ease of use.

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  • Through our own verification, we have confirmed the long-term storage resistance of liquid nitrogen liquidus temperature (-196c).
  • Individual identification can be performed while the sample is stored in a freeze box.
  • Printing and data writing are possible using an RFID-compatible thermal transfer printer.
  • After application, ultra-low temperature storage is possible immediately without the need for curing time.
  • By using the automatic tube labeler “SpinLabeler”, printing, data writing, and automatic application to tubes can be automated.
  • By using the dedicated reader “cobaco R”, it is possible to identify 100 tubes at once in just a few seconds immediately after taking them out of the liquid nitrogen tank.
  • Label sizes and RFID tags can be customized according to container size and usage.


Printing methodThermal-transfer
Label size18 x 60 mm, rectangle
Roll400 labels/roll, 1″ core
Temperature range-196c to +60c
RFID standardUHF band (860-930MHz) EPC global Class 1 Gen2 / ISO 18000-63

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