Magic-Rack cool 24 for ROBOTUBE

This is an SBS standard block exclusively for ROBOTUBE that can be cooled at 4c. It can store 24 bottles and has been designed to be highly automated. It is specially insulated to prevent condensation during cooling. Quantity: 1 rack

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  • It is possible to set 24 tubes in a 4 x 6 layout.
  • This is a block exclusively for ROBOTUBE (microtube with 2D barcode).
  • There is a circular hole in the bottom of the block so that the 2D barcode on the tube can be read.
  • While maintaining cooling performance, there is an insulating material around the outer periphery of the block to suppress condensation during cooling.
  • Since it complies with SBS standards, it can be installed directly into automatic dispensing workstations.
  • A unique mechanism secures the cap in the open position to prevent the tip from interfering with the tip during dispensing.

ROBOTUBE is not included with the product.

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