ROBOTUBE, 1.5ml 2D barcoded microtube


Excellent smooth cap opening/closing and 2D code identification.

ROBOTUBE is the first product in history to have a barcode and ID laser engraved on the top, sides, and bottom of a 1.5ml microtube. This is a pure Japanese product that overcomes the issues and problems of conventional polypropylene microtubes and pursues further advantages.

Color:Black with barcode/White without barcode
Quantity: 480 tubes/bag

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  • A unique 2D barcode is laser engraved on each tube at the factory. There is no need for troublesome handwriting or labeling, which not only ensures specimen identification but also eliminates the risk of mix-ups.
    *White tubes are inexpensive products without barcodes.
  • Using 2D barcodes on the top and bottom, position information in the storage rack and sample information are linked. By linking with automatic dispensing equipment and various experimental equipment, you can create a high-throughput, error-free automated environment.
    *2D barcode is engraved on the top and bottom, and 1D barcode and human readable ID are engraved on the side.
  • Opening and closing microtubes is stressful work. ROBOTUBE uses TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) to achieve extremely smooth and reliable cap opening and closing. Your fingers and hands won’t get sore even after opening and closing many tubes.
  • All tubes are shipped sealed. Therefore, even after opening the bag, individual tubes are not exposed to the outside air, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
  • 100% made in Japan. Manufactured in an ISO class 6 clean room and under a strict quality control system, we guarantee a stable supply of high quality products.

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