Cooling block, SBS standard


An aluminum block useful for cooling and freezing vials, tubes, bottles, etc. It is SBS standard (microplate size) and can be used with CryoTrack Porter and various automatic pipetting workstations.

ET-SB24: 12.5mm diameter cryotubes x 24
ET-SB1-8: 125ml square media bottle and 12.5mm diameter cryotubes x 8

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  • Made of aluminum (A6061) alloy with excellent thermal conductivity and white anodized.
  • Since it is SBS standard (microplate size), it can be used not only with CryoTrack Porter but also with commercially available automatic dispensing workstations.
  • ET-SB24 can use 24 12.5mm diameter cryotubes.
  • ET-SB1-8 can use one 125ml square media bottle and eight 12.5mm diameter cryotubes.
  • Block picker (sold separately) allows you to pick up and transport blocks without touching them (only available for ET-SB24)

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